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Robin: What the hell are you doing?!
Barney: I’m birthday-suiting up! I’m sorry. Did you wanna undress me?

     How I Met Your Mother 1.14 - “Zip, Zip, Zip”

H223: Facebook Organization Page


Audience Analysis: The intended audience of this page is the running community. Fleet Feet wishes to attract runners in the Greenville area to look upon their page and come to them for all of their running needs. They wish to encourage not only veteran runners, but new runners as well, to come into the store and get help with any running needs.

Purpose: The main purpose of the page is to advertise the store to the running community. This isn’t the only purpose of the page however. They regularly put up local Road Races such as the Swamp Rabbit Half Marathon that I ran back in March. In addition to this, they also encourage people to come out to group runs on Sundays with some of the store’s staff.

Evidence: They like to put up pictures of success stories, and race results letting people know they care about their consumers. The store is very effective at creating a welcoming atmosphere for their customers.

Ethics: Fleet Feet wishes to use it’s staff’s knowledge to really get out in the Upstate and help enlighten new runners and veteran runners alike to what works and what doesn’t when it comes to running. They really try to make it seem like they care about their customers and the Greenville area.

Delivery: They tend to post more pictures about coupons, deals, and races than anything else. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and as we can all imagine, reading a thousand words on Facebook instead of one picture would just get annoying.

Visual Communication: The amount of color they put in their pictures to draw ones eyes is very well done. That, combined with a solid amount of text posts really helps make the stores page interesting.

RIBS: The store uses discounts and flash sales to garner interest in the benefits that can be received from liking the page. They constantly offers deals that any avid runner in their right mind would find it hard to refuse (unless they’re like me and don’t have any money to spend). The page allows viewers to post to their page and ask questions on running or anything else the viewer might want to know. There is also a sense of belonging as everyone can get together and talk about the last 5k or half-marathon they ran. All of this makes Fleet Feet’s page a significant investment for the store as it promotes well-being and a sense of community in the Upstate as well as doing a little advertising for a small business.


Imagine if giraffe didn’t have the long necks…

That giraffe looks like it’s hit the weight room a lot. #Demshoulders


Imagine if giraffe didn’t have the long necks…

That giraffe looks like it’s hit the weight room a lot. #Demshoulders

H223: Tumblr 4: Website Home Page


This is the homepage of the 5k foam fest run. It is designed to create a desire to run in any viewers mind. The intended audience of this website is the running community primarily, although there is also plenty of places where it mentions how anyone can join the event. The designers use the blue color scheme to make one think of water and foam to get it’s audience in the mood for such a run. They try to reel you in by talking about how it’s less of a 5k run than it is an event to have fun at. They focus on the fun obstacles and foam rather than the actual running part. The video at the very center of the homepage also helps to deliver the message of just how fun this run really is! The video combined with the bright blue color scheme is all about keeping the audience intrigued enough to consider signing up for the event. Then, of course, the website attempts to get the audience to invite their friends. Word of mouth is generally how many events become known. I myself invited 4 other people to join me in this fun run, so as seen, the website’s design worked very well!